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Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in home-page | 2 comments

The Uncork Bill: HB 2556

The Uncork Bill: HB 2556

A Free Market Bill to Benefit Kansans

HB 2556 lifts the government mandated monopoly long enjoyed by liquor stores at your expense. Kansas consumers win in a free market retail culture that fosters choice, convenience, and competition. 

Small grocers and independent convenience stores support HB 2556 too. The opportunity to sell adult beverages you, their valued customer, have requested is important to all grocery and convenience store owners, not simply the larger ones.

Liquor stores are being offered a fair and reasonable compromise that gives them time to adapt to a more competitive marketplace, while giving consumers what they want – the choice in where they buy their products. HB 2556 legislation allows grocery and convenience retailers to sell beer in 2017, wine in 2020, and spirits in 2024. Meanwhile, liquor stores can expand their product lines beyond adult beverages and lottery tickets, or sell their license to another retailer during the 10-year license cap period and retire from the business.

Grocery and convenience stores effectively regulate cigarettes, lottery tickets, cereal malt beverages, propane, and pharmaceutical purchases every day. They will do the same to restrict access to minors when the government finally allows them the freedom to sell beer, wine, and spirits to their customers. 

The majority of Kansans believe the government shouldn’t pick winners and losers in the marketplace. Liquor store owners, a vocal minority motivated by a reluctance to change and the desire to keep their government enforced monopoly, continue to aggressively lobby legislators for government favors. Kansans for HB 2556 must speak out in favor of the proposed legislation so lawmakers understand how important this free market legislation is to voters.

PLEASE call committee members and let them know you support Uncork Kansas. Your voice makes a BIG difference. 



Below is a basic synopsis of Uncork’s HB 2556. You can review the full bill here



  1. Every instance of a government interfering in a market creates inefficiencies. It’s best to have as little government involvement as possible. I don’t see how a “corked KS” does anything to help maintain public safety, which ideally, would be the only reason for government interference.
    Very nice website and good work finding a seemingly fair way to remove the liquor stores’ monopoly.

  2. I have travelled extensively in the continental U.S.A. and have been able to purchase wine, beer and spirits throughtout – it is unbelievable that Kansas still does not allow the sale of ALL these products in grocery stores – please Kansas get with the program and stop the anti-consumerism. PASS THE BILL NOW!!!!!