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Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in home-page | 1 comment

Kansans Speak Up for Change

Kansans Speak Up for Change

We’ve talked to thousands of Kansans ready to Uncork Kansas. Here’s what some of them had to say: 

“Would buy (alcohol) at both. Don’t mind options.” – Lisa S.

“It’s ridiculous that a responsible, voting adult cannot buy wine in a grocery store.” – Richard S.

“Free market.” – Debbie F.

“Why not?” – Julie K.

“That would be wonderful.” – Cynthia F.

“Make a change.” – Stephanie S.

“Would love to be able to purchase wine when I am at the grocery store.” – Connie R.

“Make it the same alcohol content as the liquor store.” – Cecilia S.

“It’s time.” – Pat B.

“The time has come to allow convenience in shopping.” M.K.

“I think it’s been too long to be waiting for beer, wine, and liquor sales at a grocery store.” Thomas A.

“Get serious people. They do it in 32 other states.” Patti S.

“PLEASE change the law.” – Pam G.

“Awesome! As a mom I would love to only have to make one stop.” – Chelsea W.

“Get with the program and change the laws.” – Jake W.

“Don’t understand why you can’t do this – many states allow it.” – Allison L. 

“The one thing Missouri does right!” – Kirk L. 

“Moved here from NC. Perfectly legal there.” – Debra W. 

“I am in favor.” – Mary S. 

“It doesn’t look good to have a mom carry her baby to the liquor store.” – Danielle M. 

“I love Texas because it’s legal there. It’s time we joined them.” – Cynthia R. 

“Join other states and allow Kansas to sell wine and liquor in our stores.” – Carol T. 

“I can buy beer and wine in grocery stores in California and most other states. Why not in Kansas?” – Russell G. 

“People in other states share in the benefits of improved commerce and revenue.” – Fred R. 

“I support this 100 percent.” – Jana S. 

Alcohol products “Should not be restricted from grocery stores.” – Joe T. 

“Its long overdue.” – Paul D. 

Why do you think it’s time to Uncork Kansas?

1 Comment

  1. It is not a matter of if this law will pass it is a matter of when it will pass! how about this year! lets make it happen, it is the right thing to do.